About Me

I’m a proud momma to three beautiful souls and a wife to the most amazing husband (seriously manifested the sh*t out of this one - thank you universe- and his Mom & Dad- I feel they played a pretty big role in that too haha).

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We recently sold most of everything we owned to move to a small city in another province- where we don’t actually know anyone. Crazy right?!? I think most of our friends and family thought we were/are nuts. But we felt a calling to move West and so we followed our hearts. It’s been amazing and terrifying all at the same time. I know I am truly so freaking blessed. I have the most amazing tribe of people in my life and for that I am so GRATEFUL.

I didn’t always feel this way though.

I’ve had my STRUGGLES!

Like you have no idea the crazy that used to go on up there with all that mental chatter. I’ve seen the dark side of this thing they call life too many times to keep track of. 36 trips around the sun and I’ve encountered some HEAVY life experiences.

I don’t tell you these things so you can feel bad or sympathize with me.

I tell you because I see you.

I see you hurting in there.

I can see it and I can feel it too.

In the words you say (or don’t); the way you move your body (or don’t) and I can feel your energy too beautiful- it precedes you.

How? Because I’ve lived these days too. For real- you want to chat mental health? Depression? Anxiety? Suicide- all aspects? Weight loss & gain journeys? Shame? Mom- guilt? Loneliness? Lost in mommyhood? Who am I besides a Mom? Yup I can check those boxes with you too.

How would it feel to not label yourself?

What would it look like to stop feeling like you aren’t living your life’s purpose? The dreams you had as a kid have shrivelled up and now it’s just getting through the day mode.

What would it feel like to leave the house cuz you’re excited for your day?

I don’t just mean go out with your happy ‘mask’ on to do the things (you know- pretend you’re ok even though if you’re honest you really don’t feel that happy)

Pretend you’re not feeling a little overwhelmed inside?

I promise you it doesn’t have to be this way.

I freaking love helping women discover their awesome. And it’s still inside of you.

The true you is in there. She is just buried a little. Let’s find HER again.

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